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(Formerly Ciren Web Design)
Located in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK. I operate a web design service for small businesses - if you have your photos and text ready you can be online very quickly for roughly £100 for a one page site with hosting, email addresses etc.

Welcome To Tewkesbury Online!

Websites are what I do for a living - I've been doing web work exclusively since 1997. So if you need a new site, or an old one updating so that it displays correctly on all Phones, Tablets, Desktop PCs and Macs etc., please contact me



I have been creating Websites since 1997


A local industrial machinery supplier

That Picture Shop

A local picture framing shop

Leadon View

A local holiday let business


A planning specialist

P.B.A. Services

Cash registers & weighing equipment

DD's Snooker Club

Snooker, darts, billiards, pool club

CPM Decorators

High end Decorating

Bredon Hill Flooring

Local carpeting and flooring business

Legacy Kitchens

Kitchen Design

A short video I made explaining Responsive Design

Adding YouTube videos is also easy

Production & Costs

I charge £50 for the first page and £35 per each additional page.

For any additional Photoshop Work, Logo Design etc. I charge £35 per hour

I cater to small businesses looking to establish a web presence, or those businesses wanting to create mobile friendly sites. Many older websites do not display correctly on multiple platforms or devices. I can fix this.

Responsive Design, i.e. websites that display correctly on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones, is now vital. Everything I do is Responsive and will work cross-platform and device. My sites are now all based on Bootstrap, and increasingly conform to the Google AMP standard - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


To get your website done quickly and efficiently, use these steps as a guide

1. Think

What exactly do you want your website to do for you? When you've answered this, go to next step

Initial thought

Start doing something about it

2. Gather Material

Start gathering any photos or pictures you want shown on your site - gathering these should lead you to working out what seperate sections your website should have, eg stuff that you hire out, stuff that you sell etc etc. Consider writing text for the site - at which point contact me and I can give you guidance about Search Engine Optimisation, and what Google is looking for

3. Production

When you have a clear idea of what your website is for and how you want it structured, and you have gathered the materials you need, I will start building the site

Things start happening

Final production

4. Approval

I will upload your site to my Approvals Server (which is masked from Google and other search engines), and once you're happy with the site we can go live. There are likely to be several tweaks and versions until you're happy. However, the more thought you've put into Step 1, the quicker this process will be. While on my Approvals Server you can access and test the site on PCs, Macs, phones and tablets.

5. Go Live

If you don't already have a Domain Name and Hosting I can recommend a really good, cost efficient service that I've been using for years (I'm not affiliated in any way, I just like their reliabilty and value), and I will then upload your site, fix you up with live Stats (so you can analyse how the site is performing), and you will then have the Web Presence you need. I take a lot of pride in my work and am interested in forming long term relationships, so when you've seen how the site performs, there will be updates and amends which I will be available to do for you.

Going Live....

You're up and running

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72a Church St                     
Tewkesbury GL20 5RX


Email: simon@tewkesburyonline.com Phone: 01684 491585                   Phone: 07498 718490

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